Still searching for one more fashion blogger or designer in the Los Angeles or Inland Empire Area to be featured at my upcoming fashion event!


Message me or email me at if you’re interested. I would love to send you the details!

Any fashion bloggers or designers in the Los Angeles or Inland Empire area interested in being involved in an upcoming fashion event?


email me @ or message me via tumblr! :)

Saying hello to NOvember! :)


Check out my latest blog post for tips for the new month, recipes, and fall fashion! :)

That moment when you get all comfy in your bed the you suddenly have to pee….


Janelle Monae inspired.

Nigerian parents…

Love to compare their children to others!!

I wish they realize the negative affect this may have on their own children. Constantly comparing and reprimanding may only serve to drive children away, ultimately straining the relationship.

Sometimes expectations are set so askew, it bewilders me. While parents should most definitely provide opinions, advice, and guidance, decisions should be left to the children…

(Note: by children, I mean adult-children…lol).

Yes, I absolutely understand that our Nigerians hope for nothing but the best for us…they should also hope that their children think for themselves, strive for their own aspirations, and continue to hone the skills that they have developed overtime.

Most importantly, parents should contribute to the overall positive self awareness and overall self-efficacy of their child. Parents should encourage their child!
Find out what they love and what they are good at & help them build that skill.

Learn about their issues with self esteem (if any). Instead of always referencing their short comings, strive to praise them for the things of which they are confident!

As a young adult/recent graduate/youth program developer/youth mentor, everyday I see the importance of positive self awareness that children need to receive from their parents— not only at an early age, but also in their young adulthood.

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